Business Video Marketing: Why and How should You Do it


The year is 2014 and its no easy feat to keep together your business and customer. According to recent online surveys people rarely read online descriptions; Even if they do read, they simply don’t care. With a rapidly fidgeting online community, presenting lengthy business descriptions is no way to keep a visitor… Here the key here would be to communicate your message at the shortest time in the most interesting manner.

How to Embedding Video in your Website

Relax, the process of embedding a video on your website is as easy updating an image. With our universal video sharing website aka “”, you can do it without a dime’s expenditure. All you need to have is a great video with a clear call-to-action.

1. First upload your video at the Youtube. Most of the individual personal profile video’s are limited to 15 minutes.
2. Then visit the live video at the provided youtube link. Then click the “share “button.
3. Now you can see three options :- Namely Share this video, Embed and Email this video. You can click the embed the video link.
4. Next you can visit your embedded the your youtube video URL at your website. For this you will have to click the share button at the bottom. You will find an “embed” button at this position. You will also find the option to edit the video size.

Embedding Private Video

If you are handling proprietary or competitive-information, you might not want share it with the entire world. Here you can make the video private in the youtube upload settings. If you are hosting with hostingraja, you can achieve this using the the special direct video upload feature.

Whether you are an aspiring business or an market-established player, the power of video can drive your business forward.

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