Best Alternatives to Google for Driving Traffic

What are the Best Alternatives to Google for Driving eCommerce Traffic?

As an ecommerce website owner, business or entrepreneur we are always looking for new alternatives to drive more quality traffic and sales to our eCommerce website of business.

Some of the ways prove to be profitable and others don’t.

One thing we have to keep in mind that we should always keep testing and refining our marketing strategy to learn which ways are best to drive more traffic.

By keeping this in mind we have put together a great list of top ways to drive more traffic to a eCommerce website.

Drive eEommerce Traffic with Instagram

With more than 800 million monthly users and 500 million daily active users Instagram has gained huge reputation in the online world. Around 70% of the online brands are using Instagram till december 2017.

Instagram has hired A team of 50 persons for E-Commerce features for it’s app in New York City. It confirms that Instagram is one of the best place to invest for ecommerce businesses to drive more traffic.

One of the best method to drive more traffic and business from Instagram is to grow your account and followers. You can follow below methods to grow your Instagram account.

Post contents regularly in the form of images, graphics, videos as well as live contents.

Make comments and like on rivals highly engaged followers

Try to follow the followers of your competitors.

Try for paid advertisement.


Drive Ecommerce Traffic With Facebook

In regards to driving more traffic for your ecommerce. Facebook paid advertising platform is one of the greatest way to go. As we all know facebook is one of the largest social network worldwide. With less cost per clicks than Google paid campaign for most industries, Facebook paid advertisements can bring huge traffic to your ecommerce website at cheap rates.


YouTube is the second largest and most used search engine available online with more than 3 billion searches on monthly basis. Youtube’s user base is bigger than the search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL etc. combined and due to this reason we should not ignore Bing.

Based on my experience i can tell that the best performing videos for most of the e-commerce websites/businesses are how-tos, FAQ’s and tutorials. Niche related videos can drive tons of visitors to a website. Youtube is free to join platform where you can upload videos for free of cost.


There are numerous of Q&A websites on the web like Quora and Yahoo. These Q&A sites offer another amazing opportunity to generate quality and targeted traffic. You can choose any topic based on your interests and start writing the answers for related question, for i.e. if you are expert in hosting services you can answer the questions related to website hosting related services and in between if your answer you can give link to your website, if people will find your answer helpful definitely they will visit your website.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is one of the oldest and most effective way of promotion and branding a website online. All you have to do is collect the list of business owners and websites and start sending emails to them. You can take the help of easy-to-use email services like mailchimp to send the emails by creating the list of email for free of cost. All you have to do is create an eye-catching email campaign with attractive images and graphics and send to the list which you have created. 

Affiliate Marketing

As an eCommerce marketer you be having some products to sell and to promote your products online you can set up an affiliate program and invite hundreds of other  websites including bloggers promoting your products and generate sale and traffic for you. In return you can offer them some % off commission for each successful sale they deliver to you.


Pinterest is another way available online to generate quality traffic to eCommerce website. It is an image based social media platform. It can be little difficult to image that a platform based on images and graphics can drive revenue and business, but as per Pinterest, more than “55% of pinterest users bought something because of content shared on Pinterest.”

So if you are having a thought that people or online users do not use Pinterest to buy products or services online or for online shopping, think once again because Pinterest is something you should use for your ecommerce website to generate traffic.