Simplified Guide to E-commerce Performance Metrics for Small Buisiness

Its a better understanding of your website that enables you to improve it; The website performance metrics can clearly point to the potential glitches at your website; It also gives you a sharper understanding of your visitors. These metrics are your intelligent sign-posts guiding towards a successful internet business. The Google Analytics API, installed on your basic website code, presents all your essential details in a clearly understandable structure.

Traffic : This indicates the number of people visiting your website. This could be through different means such as search engines, social visits, E-mail visits etc…The traffic for definite date range, time period or hourly traffic can be obtained through utilizing definite filters.

Page Views:- This gives you an idea about the average number of pages accessed by each visitor. Ir gives an indication about the visitor-interest at your website.

Bounce Rate; By definition, the bounce rate is the number of people who leaves immediately after coming into the website. A high bounce rate means that your landing page has serious issues or it doesn’t caters to the visitor interest. A low bounce rate indicates high visitor-engagement and better conversions.

The clear performance analysis is the fundamental step for building a great E-commerce website. In the hands of a professional, its an eye that misses nothing…

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