7 Web design catastrophes that may drive your customers crazy


If you have designed your websites just for desktop users, then you might be losing out on many customers’ mainly mobile users by giving them an unpleasant experience with your desktop only website. There are some UX blunders which everyone should avoid in order to not only make your website user friendly but increase you sales and business.

1. Demanding users to signup before surfing your site

Asking your customer’s to sign up before even they view your website can be one of the biggest mistake and can lead to irritating  your customers and driving them away.  Sure, using this method you can build out an email list, but on the cost of losing huge amount of customers.

2. Overlooking about multiple screens

Shocking isn’t it! But yes, people no longer just browse the web on desktop only. So start creating an desktop only websites, and  start developing mobile and ipad friendly websites and give your customer’s and amazing experience while browsing your website.

3. Asking unreasonable forms to fill out

99% people don’t like filling out lengthy forms, and that too especially on small screens or mobile phones. Try to remove unnecessary fields from the sign up form and make it short and simple.

4. Using hard to read or tacky fonts

If you want your customers to be able to read your website and take you seriously, then the font which you use is the first place you need to work upon. Making a bad choice can lead to disaster.

5. Implementing a terrible Search bar

That was the past when the Web was a disorganized collection of pages and sites, due to which people didn’t rely on search results. But that’s no longer the case now. Implement good onsite search functionality.

6. Bombarding your customer’s with a wall of text

We all know, the web is more of a visual medium. That’s instead of putting huge blocks of content on your website; try to break up the content on your website with photos, graphics and videos.

7. Using low resolution images for your products

If your run your business online through an ecommerce store, then your website is your showroom. So using small and low resolution product images make your showroom look of low standard. Thus you should not only use high quality images, but multiple images of all products to give your shoppers a good experience.