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Smart watch- Trending Technology in Market

In olden days people use to see the sun and would gauge the time according to the moment of the sun. From that time to today we have came across many changes that has come in the

Facts about Mobile World Congress

What is MWC? MWC which is abbreviated as Mobile World Congress is an exhibition in which 800 operators are united with 250 companies. This is worlds largest mobile exhibition in which new models are released by the

How Bash Bug has Shaken the Web and its Necessary Precautions

As the risks and threat of heart-bleed virus finally seems to taper off, a bigger and mightier threat seems to be in-line to keep data security experts awake at night. The latest threat is considered to be

7 Web design catastrophes that may drive your customers crazy

If you have designed your websites just for desktop users, then you might be losing out on many customers’ mainly mobile users by giving them an unpleasant experience with your desktop only website. There are some UX