Benefits of VPS hosting

1) Privacy: In VPS hosting there is privacy as the OS is not shared with anyone else, there are no other websites on the server that has the availability to access the files of the user. Thus the user does not have the fear of any data breach.

2) Customization: In VPS hosting as the server partition is isolated and the data is stored in one centralized location, one can customize and configure the environment exactly the way they want.

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3) Control: While restarting a system during installation of server applications, the VPS server does not affect others and can be restarted at any time. One can upgrade, downgrade and update the software at their own will.So the user has full control in VPS hosting.

4) Dedicated Resources: On a VPS Server, there is a dedicated amount of RAM available at any time to be used .

5) Cost Effective: VPS hosting account is cheap for this reason many small and medium scale enterprises prefer VPS hosting.

6) High Security and Traffic Filtering: VPS hosting has high security as a VPS hosting can make their own security with already implemented security measures so automatically one has the auto recovery and data protection facilities.

7) Performance: The performance of VPS server is good as it has allocated amount of resources in terms of usage, which can be said in terms of memory,CPU usage and RAM.

8) Email capacity: If the company is planning to increase the headcount within a short period of time ,it requires a large email capacity in this case VPS hosting is very helpful.

9) Configuration: Configuration becomes easy as he can do that part whenever he wants at their own will.

10) Back up: One has a proper back up facility in VPS hosting which makes it popular among the customers.